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Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal (born 26 March 1992) is a Danish fashion model. She is one of three models to be featured on the cover of the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

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Lauren Lee Smith

Lauren Lee Smith (born June 19, 1980) is a Canadian actress.

Smith was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The stepdaughter of a documentary filmmaker, Lauren traveled around the world with her family. When she was 14, her family moved to Los Angeles, California. There, she began a modeling career. At the age of 19, she was cast in a featured role in the remake of Get Carter.

Smith has also appeared in such works as Christy: Return to Cutter Gap, Christy: A Change of Seasons and Christy: A New Beginning and starred in the show Mutant X, where she played the character of Emma deLauro. She has also guest-starred in episodes of Dead Zone, The Twilight Zone, and Blade: The Series, among others. Smith was also a recurring character in the Showtime drama series The L Word, playing Sous-chef Lara Perkins. In 2005, Smith filmed the movie Lie with Me, where she played the character of Leila.

As of fall 2006 she has a recurring part on the Canadian drama Intelligence. In early 2007, she starred in the CBC mini-series Dragon Boys.

In 2008, Lauren starred in the film Pathology from the creators of Crank. The film also stars Milo Ventimiglia from the TV show Heroes. Most recently, she has been hired as a series regular on the CBS show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She will join Grissom's team as Riley Adams, "a smart, flirtatious, and witty non-conformist who entered law enforcement to rebel against her judgmental psychiatrist father."

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Aurélie Claudel

Aurélie Claudel (born August 7, 1980 in Saint-Mars-d'Outillé, France) is a French model. She is one of three children and has two brothers. She comes from a relatively prominent family (her father was a distinguished notary). She is a descendant of the famous French sculptress Camille Claudel.

She was approached in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris by Dawn Wolfe at the age of 13. Her father thoroughly disapproved of her quitting school and pursuing a career in modeling but she did it nonetheless.

Claudel appeared as "The Pregnant Model" in an editorial for the April 2006 edition of US Vogue, called "The Shape Issue".

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Cheri Oteri

Cheri Oteri (born Cheryl Ann O'Teari on September 19, 1962) is an American actress and comedian known for her work on NBC's Saturday Night Live.

Oteri was born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. She grew up in Upper Darby (also the hometown of Tina Fey, another SNL alum). She went to Archbishop Prendergast High School (on the same campus as Monsignor Bonner High School).

After moving to Los Angeles at age 25, she worked at A&M Records for four years and eventually joined the famed comedy troupe The Groundlings. It was there that she was noticed by SNL and was hired in 1995 as part of a nearly all-new cast brought in to save the show after its disastrous 1994 season.

Oteri would eventually form a third of the so-called "SNL female power trio" that also included Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer and which was responsible, along with Will Ferrell, Darrell Hammond and others, for bringing SNL out of its slump. On SNL, she was known for playing perky, upbeat, and hyper characters, including cheerleader-wannabe Arianna (one half of The Spartan Cheerleaders), grouchy Queens resident Rita DelVecchio, prescription pill-addicted Collette Reardon who befriends Justin Brown at the Hard Rock Hotel, butch cable access television host "Mickey The Dyke" (appearing alongside Mark McKinney's Chicken Lady of Kids In The Hall fame), the absurdly hyper child bus passenger "Althea McMahonaman," overly perky "Morning Latte" talk show host Cass Van Rye (re-teaming her with "Spartan Cheerleaders" partner Will Ferrell), and Nadeen, a testy employee who constantly orders everyone to "Simmer down now!" Her dead-on impressions of Barbara Walters, Mariah Carey, Robin Byrd and Judge Judy also bolstered her fame.

Oteri left SNL in 2000. She has notably appeared in several Hollywood movies including Scary Movie, Inspector Gadget, Liar Liar, Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, Shrek the Third and Southland Tales. She starred in two TV pilots that did not make it to air, Loomis and With You in Spirit. Her non-SNL television credits include guest spots on Just Shoot Me!, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Strangers with Candy. She has also been working with Lost creator J.J. Abrams on a sitcom idea.

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Kim Cattrall

Kim Victoria Cattrall (born August 21, 1956, in Widnes, England) is an English-born Canadian Golden Globe-winning and Emmy-nominated actress. She is well-known for her role as Samantha Jones in the HBO comedy/romance series Sex and the City, and for her leading roles in the 1980s films Police Academy and Mannequin.

Cattrall began her career after graduating high school in 1972 when she left Canada for New York City. There, she attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and upon her graduation signed a five-year movie deal with director Otto Preminger,and made her film debut in Preminger's Rosebud in 1975. A year later, Universal Studios bought out that contract and Cattrall became one of the last participants of the Universal Contract Player System. During her time with Universal, she guest starred in numerous television programmes of varying style and genre. In 1979 she played the role of Dr Gabrielle White in The Incredible Hulk and would go down in TV Hulk Lore as one of the few characters who knew David Banner was alive and was the creature. Her work in television paid off, and she quickly made the transition to cinema. She starred opposite Jack Lemmon in his Oscar-nominated movie Tribute in 1980. The following year, she starred in the critically acclaimed Ticket to Heaven.

In 1982, Cattrall played Miss Honeywell in Porky's, followed two years later by a role in the original Police Academy. In 1985, she starred in three movies: Turk 182, City Limits and Hold-Up. In 1987, her lead role in Mannequin proved a huge success with audiences. One of her most well-known film roles is that of the traitor Lieutenant Valeris in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Aside from her film work, Cattrall is also a stage and theater actress, with performances in Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge and Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters to her credit. In 1997, she was cast in Sex and the City, Darren Star's series that was broadcast on HBO. As Samantha Jones, Cattrall gained international recognition. She capitalised on her success by appearing in steamy television commercials promoting the Pepsi product Pepsi One. She also signed a publishing deal to write a book about sex with her third husband, Mark Levinson. In addition, she can be heard reading the poetry of Rupert Brooke on the CD Red Rose Music SACD Sampler Volume One.

Her film work continued during Sex and the City when she starred as Caroline in Britney Spears' first film venture, Crossroads. '"Sex and the City ended as a weekly series in spring 2004 with an audience of 10.6m viewers. Cattrall will star in the Sex and the City film, which is due for release on May 30, 2008.

In 2005, she appeared in the Disney picture Ice Princess, in which she played the character of Tina Harwood, the ice skating coach of the film's lead character. Unfortunately, Ice Princess was not a financial success. She also portrayed Claire, a paralyzed woman who wants to die, in the West End drama revival of Whose Life Is It Anyway?. In early 2006, it was rumored that Cattrall would soon join the cast of Desperate Housewives, playing Edie's (Nicollette Sheridan) wild sister. In October 2006 she appeared in a West End production of David Mamet's The Cryptogram at the Donmar Warehouse in London. Since late 2005, she has appeared in a number of British television commercials for Tetley Tea. In July 2006, a commercial for Nissan cars, which featured Kim in her Samantha character from Sex and the City, was withdrawn from New Zealand television, apparently because of complaints about the innuendo. In 2006 she starred alongside Brendan Gleeson in John Boorman's 2006 film The Tiger's Tail, a black comedy that focuses on the impact of the Celtic Tiger economy on Irish people. On November 11 on ITV, she starred alongside David Haig, Daniel Radcliffe, and Carey Mulligan in My Boy Jack, the story of author Rudyard Kipling's search for his son lost in World War I.

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Pamela Anderson

Pamela Denise Anderson (born July 1, 1967) is a Canadian-born actress, sex symbol, glamour model, producer, TV personality, and author. She holds both American and Canadian citizenship. For a time, she was known as Pamela Anderson Lee after marrying the drummer for Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee.

After graduating from Highland Secondary School in 1985, Anderson moved to Vancouver and worked as a fitness instructor. During the summer of 1989, Pamela went with her friends to a BC Lions game at BC Place; at some point during the game she was shown on the stadium screen wearing a Labatt's t-shirt, causing the crowd to cheer for the 21-year-old Anderson. She was taken down to the field to get an ovation from the crowd. Labatt's immediately offered Anderson a modeling contract and she accepted. In late 1989, Pamela decided to model for Playboy magazine: she appeared on the October 1989 cover (credited as Pamela Anderson Ilicic) and decided to move to Los Angeles to continue her modeling career. She was the February 1990 playmate and has appeared in Playboy several times in the 1990s and the following decade.

Acting and modeling

After her move to Los Angeles, Anderson bleached her brunette hair blonde and underwent breast augmentation. In 1991, she landed a minor role on the hit television sitcom, Home Improvement (1991-1999). Having gained viewer attention, she landed the role of C. J. Parker (1992-1997) on Baywatch, and left Home Improvement after its second season. Anderson was still modeling for Outdoor Life and appearing on the cover of the magazine each year. Her role as C.J. Parker gave her more popularity and gained her attention from international viewers. She returned to Baywatch for the 2003 reunion movie, Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. She also made appearances on The Nanny as Fran's rival, Heather Biblow.

In 1996, she appeared in a feature film, Barb Wire, as a character known as Barbara Rose Kopetski, which was mistakenly thought by some to have been her real name. The movie, a thinly-veiled futuristic remake of Casablanca, failed to achieve commercial success. During the filming of Barb Wire, Anderson suffered a miscarriage. In April 1997, she guest-hosted Saturday Night Live. During the beginning of the show, Anderson said, "You know, if you're nervous on stage, you actually should be naked!" She then began a striptease. Her breasts, however, were covered by a small flesh-colored bra and she also wore a crotch patch that was also flesh colored (though they were still blurred out for the sake of the joke). The segment became fodder for late-night comedians for the following weeks. She also appeared on one of two covers for the September issue of Playboy; the other cover pictured Jenny McCarthy.

In September 1998, Anderson starred in her produced series V.I.P. It was very poorly received and a critical bomb. However, with many people tuning in just to see her, the show lasted four seasons before being canceled in 2002. Anderson stated that she needed to dedicate her time to raising her children, but many believed that she was retiring.

In March 2001, Christine Evelyn Roth was arrested while sleeping in a guest room of Anderson's home. She was only charged with the misdemeanor of trespassing and not the more serious crime of stalking. Roth pleaded guilty to the charge of trespassing and was deported home to France. In 2004, Anderson returned to the spotlight. In May, she appeared naked on the cover of Playboy magazine. It was the first time she had appeared naked on any magazine cover. Later, she posed naked for Stuff and GQ magazines. Many noticed that her breast size was larger than her pictorials from 2003.

Anderson became a naturalized citizen of the United States on May 12, 2004, while retaining her Canadian citizenship. She has lived in Southern California since 1989. Anderson has often spoken revealingly about her private life. On a visit to the David Letterman show in 2004, she said she had not been dating for some time, and when Letterman asked her how she was coping, she responded, "There's not a square corner left anywhere in my house!" Letterman left that comment unanswered while the audience hooted.

In 2004, Pamela Anderson released the book Star, co-written by Eric Shaw Quinn, in which she describes a young teenager doing different things in order to reach fame. After this, she began touring the United States, signing autographs for fans at Wal-Mart stores nationwide. Her second book, the sequel Star Struck, released in 2005, is a thinly veiled look at her life with Tommy Lee and the travails of celebrity life.

In January 2005, Anderson confessed that she had new bigger breast implants, claiming not to feel like herself without them.

In April 2005, Anderson starred in a new FOX sitcom Stacked as Skyler Dayton, a party girl (with implants), who goes to work at a bookstore. It was canceled on May 18, 2006, after two seasons, although some episodes had not been aired on the network. On August 14, 2005, Comedy Central created the Roast of Pamela Anderson to honor the sex symbol for the past decade. During her final speech at the Roast, Pamela referred to her breasts as "Pancho and Lefty".

In December 2005, NBC cut off a video of Anderson pole dancing topless on Elton John's "The Red Piano." NBC said that the footage was inappropriate for primetime. The video was shown on huge screens during the event, while John was playing a song. Anderson was topless, but stars were painted on her breasts.

In March 2006, it was announced that Anderson would receive a star on Canada's Walk of Fame thanks to her many years as a model and actress. She is only the second model to receive a star. In April 2006, Anderson hosted Canada's Juno Awards, becoming the first non-singer and model to do so.

Anderson was repeatedly referenced in the 2006 comedy film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan as the title character seeks to kidnap and marry her. Anderson appears in person at the end of the film confronted by Borat in a staged botched abduction.[6] She has subsequently began filming a comedy, Blonde and Blonder.

She performed on February 13-14 2008 a Valentine's Day striptease act at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris.

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Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Michelle Seyfried (born December 3, 1985) is an American actress and former child model. She is known for her roles in the feature films Mean Girls and Alpha Dog, and in the television shows Veronica Mars and Big Love.

Seyfried started her career as a model at age 11. From there she went on to acting in the daytime drama The Guiding Light. In 2000, she originated the role of Lucy Montgomery on As the World Turns. From 2002 to 2003, she played the role of Joni Stafford on ABC's All My Children.

In 2004, Seyfried achieved a breakthrough when she was cast as the most dimwitted of the "Plastics", Karen Smith, in the popular teen film Mean Girls. In Mean Girls, she initially auditioned for the role of Regina. She became the original casting choices for both the roles of Regina George and Cady Heron.[citation needed] She was then cast as Regina's sidekick, Karen Smith. (The other roles later went to Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan respectively.) In 2005, she played the lead character in one of the nine parts in the movie Nine Lives.

Continuing her television career, Seyfried was cast in UPN's Veronica Mars as the title character's murdered best friend Lilly Kane. In her role as Lilly, she appeared on the show through a series of flashbacks, dreams and visions, which portrayed her as a wild, stylish, and bubbly teenage daughter of a business executive. Lilly is sometimes compared to the character of Laura Palmer of Twin Peaks, who also was deceased and appeared through various flashbacks as the plot unfolded. While appearing often during Mars' first season, she also appeared briefly in season 2's premiere and finalé. Seyfried originally auditioned for the title role on Veronica Mars, but lost the place to Kristen Bell and ended up winning the role of Lilly Kane.

Seyfried has had primetime cameo appearances and minor guest roles on House, Justice, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and as Rebecca on Wildfire. Seyfried is also a main character, Sarah Henrickson, in the series Big Love.

She played supporting roles in the 2007 films Alpha Dog and Solstice. Amanda will play the role of Sophie alongside Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan in the film version of the musical Mamma Mia!, due for release in 2008.

Seyfried has recently joined the cast of the dark horror film Jennifer's Body, Diablo Cody's follow-up to Juno. Seyfried will play the title character's best friend in the film. Filming is slated to begin in March.